Current Project Opportunities with Niagara College

July 06, 2016 13:04PM

The Research & Innovation division of Niagara College is currently recruiting local Small- and Medium-Sized businesses (SMEs) for several project opportunities.

These include:

Build a better online presence with our help

Research & Innovation’s Digital Media and Web Solutions Team, including students from the New Media Web Design program, will work with each eligible industry partner to develop solutions to create or improve an existing website. This collaboration comes thanks to the Ontario Centres of Excellence Voucher for E-Business and Technology Adoption program (OCE VEBTA).

To be eligible, successful industry partners will need to:

  • show how the website solution would improve their business
  • demonstrate its capacity to use the outcomes of the project
  • commit to the project in both cash and in-kind contributions
  • maintain the website solution upon the completion of the project

Productivity Assessments available to Manufacturing Companies

Thanks to funding from the Niagara Region, Niagara College is able to help small- and medium-sized enterprises improve their competitive edge within their market.

Through the Walker Advanced Manufacturing Innovation Centre, we have assembled a team of industrial engineers, faculty and students to assess the productivity of five Niagara manufacturing businesses.

The goal of the program is to make recommendations for operational improvement through the development of a comprehensive report. Our team will work with manufacturers to identify safety concerns and productivity inefficiencies, and make recommendations for improvement. Company work flows are observed and a final report containing recommendations is provided.

Full details regarding these partnerships, including time and financial contributions, along with the application form, are available on our website.

To learn about all our applied research and technical service opportunities, contact Research & Innovation.