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November 06, 2015 14:13PM

Service-Learning at Goodman is a project-based teaching-learning strategy that connects classroom theory to challenges experienced in the “real world”.

Partnership Opportunity - Free HR Help
January to April, Goodman Business Students are available to any area non-profit and small for-profits to support your Organizational Development and Human Resource needs. We have so many choices available I’ve put them all together!!

Would you like help with:

  • Developing a job description, applicant screening, interview questions and interview scoring… HELP WITH HIRING
  • With reviewing your pay structure or benefits? Want to explore adding benefits? Need a rewards/incentive program for staff but need to keep it low, low cost?...COMPENSATION
  • Workforce planning… or do you anticipate needing to change or grow your workforce, develop leaders/managers from within? Want to plan for the future... HR PLANNING
  • Changing the structure of your business or organization, merge with another company/organization, figure out who should be doing what and reporting to whom… ORGANIZTIONAL DESIGN

How this works:

The student teams will be presented with the project choices at the beginning of term. Selected community partners will be notified and contact information exchanged between teams and partners. In general terms,

teams will work to devise a solution for their community partner. Then the team will meet with their community partner to discuss a preliminary report, ask questions and exchange ideas. Teams will present an “elevator pitch” to their peers and the partner in class and provide the community partner with a full report.

Your Commitment:

Projects are tied to a student’s overall course mark and must be completed mid-January and the end of March, and must be managed around varying student schedules.  We ask our partners to ensure timely transfer of information and flexibility in coordinating meetings to support project success.

Specific timelines for each partnership will be communicated when we figure out where your best match would be.

Organizations/businesses interested in participating can follow this link (or cut and paste it into your browser):

…and register your request on-line and indicate the project type you’re interested in from the drop down menu in the form.

There are a limited number of spaces available.


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