New CME SMART Green Funding Program Helps Improve Energy Efficiency and Productivity

October 20, 2016 15:45PM

Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters will add to the legacy of the CME SMART funding program this fall with a new $25 million Green SMART fund for small- and medium-sized manufacturers, in partnership with the Ontario government. Since 2008, CME SMART has administered $65 million in direct funding to more than 1,200 manufacturing companies across Ontario.

The new SMART green funding program will provide assistance to Ontario’s small- and medium-sized manufacturers to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) and improve their energy efficiency and productivity. The program, as have past SMART funding rounds, will improve the competitiveness of the Ontario manufacturing supply chain delivering value not just to the SME-eligible manufacturers, but, also large manufacturers.

Funding Availability

Companies can each receive reimbursement for 50% of eligible costs, up to a maximum of $200,000 in non-repayable grants, to implement capital investment projects that will deliver emission reductions, energy efficiency technologies, and best practices through process and/or product improvement

Will support approximately 110 projects in Ontario

Who is Eligible

  • Open to manufacturers across Ontario with 10 employees or more
  • Will target small and medium-sized enterprises and industry with annual greenhouse gas emissions under 25,000 tonnes per year and not participating in Ontario’s Cap & Trade program
  • Program excludes large, energy-intensive and trade exposed industries
  • Companies can apply for one project per facility and can include one assessment audit per facility.
  • Companies with more than one facility may apply for funding for a maximum of 5 facilities.
  • The maximum funding allowance for multi-facility companies will be capped at $500,000 with the maximum funding allowance per facility being capped at $200,000 for a project including assessment audit.

​​​​Eligible Projects

  • Support reduction in GHG intensity and/or avoidance through upgrades to process/production equipment
  • Lead to productivity improvements, which in turn lead to lower GHG emissions on per-production-unit basis.  GHG reduction either on a gross or per-unit basis is the prerequisite for all projects to be eligible
  • Projects that do not demonstrate reductions in GHG will not be considered eligible for funding under the Program

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