Service Learning Opportunity - Mobile App Development

July 28, 2016 16:11PM

Partnership Opportunity – Custom-built, App for Android and Apple

BROCK 4th Year Information Systems and Information Technology Students teams will work with a community partner to:

  • investigate their e-Business needs
  • create a simple mobile app to fulfill a business need

The teams will design and build a simple Mobile App that will help their community partner meet a business/organizational need. We've included the dates of the deliverables as the timing really doesn’t have any flexibility so please plan accordingly. This is a great opportunity to have a custom built App! 

Examples of simple apps would be:

  • Have your volunteers pick their schedule
  • Have your members/clients sign up for a class/workshop/event and pay electronically
  • Sell and distribute event tickets
  • Survey customers or clients
  • Provide directions to your location or event

This is by no means an exhaustive list of possibilities, but there will be a limit on the number of features added to your custom app.

Timelines and Deliverables:

1.       complete a first client meeting (between Sept 19 and Oct 3)

2.       a second client meeting (by Oct 24) App features list will be finalized and confirmed by clients.

3.       On campus meeting Nov 28 from 8 AM-11 AM. Apps will be demonstrated and install for clients. Clients will receive a User Guide

Partner Commitment:

Please ensure that the contact person is able to respond quickly to student emails and with follow up information from meetings. The students will be adversely affected by deviations from the schedule especially at the front end of the project. 

What you get:

Community partners will receive a custom built mobile app and the capacity to distribute that app to their existing user-base or constituents. (details above in timeline and deliverables).


Organizations/businesses interested in participating can follow this link (or cut and paste it into your browser):

…and register your request on-line. There are a limited number of spaces available.


Gillian Kemp, BSc, MBA
Relationship Manager, Service-Learning, Career Development Office
Goodman School of Business | Brock University
906-688-5550 x5023