Request for Proposal: NIA Group Benefits

April 29, 2016 13:18PM



The Niagara Industrial Association (NIA) is putting out a call for proposals in order to establish a benefit package for group benefits. The scope of package would cover all aspects of group coverage including but not limited to medical, dental, etc. In addition, the benefit package should be created to act exclusively for NIA members and work in partnership with the association. A preferred aspect of the proposal will be prospective financial benefits to the association for its continued growth and offering of services to its members.


  • What experience do you have in creating this type of group benefit program with other associations and organizations?
  • If there is previous experience, how many associations are you currently endorsed by and what does their program look like?
  • In regards to prospective proposal, please provide indication of how your program will provide long term benefits to members?
  • Please indicate how many insurance companies will be affiliated with your program. One insurance provider? Multiple providers?
  • What benefit (monetary and non-monetary) will be experienced by association when members participate in the program? Any administration fees?
  • What plan would you have to promote your program to members and would there be any costs incurred by association (both initially and ongoing)?


All proposals will be accepted until deadline of 5pm on May 13th, 2016. Proposals should be sent to attention of NIA administrator, Wendy Smith. Particularly, proposals should be sent to

Please refrain from reaching out for feedback on your proposal. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for further information. The decision will be made solely by the Board of Directors as per the powers instilled on it according to the by-laws of the Niagara Industrial Association.

Download RFP.

Domenic Ursini