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October 11, 2016 14:13PM

Partnership Opportunity - Free Help with a process improvement challenge

We have a 4th year Operations student who is looking for a project so that she can apply what she is currently learning in her fall Quality Management course to help a local non-profit organization in the New Year improved their efficiency or effectiveness.

She would be working on the project in the new year but we’d like to get a project and the parameters nailed down by Christmas.

What kinds of challenges would fit?  Do you have a process for which you want to improve the flow (reduce delays or wasted effort, etc.) or improve the quality (increase consistency or client satisfaction, etc.)?

  • A flow-related (“Lean”) project could involve  looking at how work flows through the organization and seeing if there are any redundancies or bottlenecks.
  • Maybe your intake process has participants jumping through extra hoops that could be eliminated.
  • Maybe some of the reporting/record keeping could be made more efficient and duplicated efforts eliminated.
  • Programs supplies, storage and re-ordering system might be physically re-organized and new record keeping developed. 
  • A quality-related (“Six Sigma”) project could involve assessing how work gets done and if protocols are being followed, if the same service is received by those with the same or if the service could be redesigned to better match needs. It may involve developing a monitoring system, or recommendations as to what is considered industry best practice and how to implement such changes.

Your Commitment

Projects are tied to the student’s overall course mark. Commitment to completion of the project (January to April) is required.

  • Community Partner(CP) will meet with the professor and student to discuss the scope of the project at a mutually convenient time in early January.
  • The CP will provide the student access to the information required to move the project forward. That might include interviewing or surveying staff, access to confidential records, observation of programming or staff activity etc. 
  • The CP, professor and student will meet at the conclusion of the project to review the student’s recommendations and presentation of a final report at the end of March.

Please Contact:

David DiPietro
Experiential Education Coordinator
Goodman School of Business
Brock University
905-688-5550 x5933