Service Learning Opportunity

March 06, 2018 20:13PM

Goodman School of Business at Brock University is seeking 2-3 community partners for a third-year “Balanced Scorecard” project running from May 2018-July 2018. Details about the partnership can be found below:

The deliverable for this project would be to provide community partners with a better understanding of different aspects that tie into their overall strategy using the concept of a Balanced Scorecard. The goal is to develop an understanding of addressing the key question for most organisations; How do we achieve success in what we are doing?

As a part of this process, students will have to understand what the organisations core competence consists of, what are the different needs within the many areas of an organisation.  This project will focus on linking objectives that are identified with specific ways to measure and link these targets to the overarching question above.

This is a good if you would like to measure the success of multiple initiatives within your organization.

Students will present the following topics to their selected community partner:

1. Overarching Strategy (mission/vision)

2. Competitive Analysis (includes external and internal scans)

3. Describing the strategy using tools such as strategy maps, objectives/measures, Key Performance Indicators

4. Provide specific action plans that are relevant to the organisation.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please use the below link to submit your application:

If you have any questions regarding your organizations eligibility or questions about the project topic, please do not hesitate to ask.


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