Service Learning Opportunity - Strategic Planning Project

July 28, 2016 16:14PM


Service-Learning at Goodman is a project-based teaching-learning strategy that connects classroom theory to challenges experienced in the “real world”.

Partnership Opportunity - Free Strategic Planning

We are inviting all area non-profits and small for-profit businesses to apply to work with 4th year and Masters students in a Service-Learning opportunity from late Sept to late Nov, 2016. 

For this Partnership, student teams work as “consultants” to their community partner. We are seeking 8 community partners to be matched to Strategy courses as a case-study for the class.

Where are you going? What is your next way to grow? 

Strategic planning: Are things changing in your industry, new opportunities or challenges you need to meet? Are you contemplating how to expand your market by going after a new market segment or creating a new product? Are you planning to merge with or purchase another business? Want help to assess all the different options you have?

What you get 

** You will receive approximately 4-8 reports from the student teams.

** You will attend their presentations (approx. 20 minutes each) to hear the highlights of each plan.

** This means lots and lots of new ideas and recommendations.

** A debriefing meeting with the Professor to discuss the final reports.

Your Commitment

Projects are tied to a student’s overall course mark.  We ask our partners to ensure they are available for the dates below as course schedule is not flexible and we want to ensure project success. To apply for this project you and a backup member of your team need to schedule on-campus dates. There are 8 classes seeking community partners so schedules will be firmed up directly with selected partners.

** By Sept 4th, you need to provide electronic “background” documents. E.g. Organizational Chart, Mission, Vision, Values, financial documents like financial statements, sales reports, operations budgets, etc. This is not optional… but confidentially agreements or NDAs can be signed.  

** First on-campus visit will be mid-late September. The client will present their situation and strategic challenge to the class and respond to questions.  

** Mid-term campus class visit (October) for more direct student question and answers

** Prompt response to email requests for information (generally within 24-48 hours)

** Last campus visit to hear team reports will be late November.

** Complete a brief on-line survey on overall project satisfaction (5 minutes)


Organizations/businesses interested in participating can follow this link (or cut and paste it into your browser):

…and register your request on-line.

There are a limited number of spaces available.


Gillian Kemp, BSc, MBA
Relationship Manager, Service-Learning, Career Development Office
Goodman School of Business | Brock University
906-688-5550 x5023