Is Your Staffing Partner Equipped for the Present Talent Shortage?

March 01, 2017

Dear Fellow NIA Members:

With advancing recruiting tools and technologies, job board aggregators, and staffing firms arising everywhere, the options for jobseekers are abundant.   But we don’t have a shortage of people however—w e are experiencing a widespread skills shortage, and only the most savvy recruiters can hunt and locate the best candidates.||

Is your staffing partner truly presenting you top talent, or are they merely sending those they can get their hands on?   Are they simply rushing to present a candidate first to beat the competition?  But mostly…are you getting the caliber of candidate you deserve?

The first criterion is to always review their existing pools of candidates.  Ask your staffing partner to source pre-existing candidates, already at their fingertips.  Have your staffing partner speak to their already pre-vetted pool.   Are they a match for the available role?

Where, when, and how will your partner get the word out to those not in their pools to find the candidate of choice for your organization?  Further, how quickly can they do it?  Have they customized your solution with actual specifics?  Have they provided you context and details on their process?

For example…

How many candidates interviewed each day and week?

Are these interviews in person or virtual?

Is the recruiter a specialist in the vertical for which they are seeking this candidate?  How do you know?

We hope you are simply not taking them at their word.  Ask them for the evidence.  Have them provide the proof.

The big “takeaway” here is this: staffing firms and recruiters are aggressive about hitting their bottom line.  Ensure that you are partnered with a firm that can understand your needs and walk you through the steps to attract the market’s top talent.  Don’t simply accept slick words of an empty sales pitch.

Be sure to ask the following…

How many times have you filled a role like this in the past year?

What is your placement to request ratio?

What is your retention?

Can you speak to the retention rate of those placed last year?

How will you garner the markets top talent?

What type of guarantee/warranty do you provide?

What is your timeline to get the best talent?

Are you simply relying on internet posting?

Can you walk me through your entire recruitment plan for my role?

Can you provide me with frequent recruitment updates outlining the actions taken to support me?

How will you position my company to attract the best talent?

What is your level of experience with Boolean searching and hunting for talent online?

How will you ensure my request for talent will be your top priority?

If your partner can answer the aforementioned questions, you should be in a good position.  If you aren’t confident, let me know.  We have a global footprint, 70 years of global experience with local white glove service.

To your continued success,

Erica Melarangeli

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