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  • Niagara Industrial Association "Big Company Advantage" Program for Employee Benefits.

    Posted by Dan Millar, Benefit Partners
    Posted on April 29, 2019
    Through your membership with the Niagara Industrial Association, it’s time to learn about some of the TANGIBLE benefits of becoming a member. The Big Company Advantage program can help your company save thousands in premium dollars on your existing employee benefits program. This...
  • Generator Specialists - Now a Platinum Cummins RV Generator Service Dealer

    Posted by Kim, O.S. Niagara Power Systems Inc.
    Posted on April 29, 2019
    Niagara Generators has just completed the next level of training at Cummins Canada for RV/ Mobile Generators & is now a 'Platinum Service Dealer' - sales, service & maintenance. It doesn't have to be a Cummins - we service all makes & models of generator on commercial...
  • Pathways Speaker Summit: Truths Revealed

    Posted by Cameron Bigford, CNB Consulting
    Posted on April 29, 2019
    Niagara Catholic and Niagara Workforce Planning Board present the second annual Pathways Speaker Summit: Truths Revealed. Hear directly from local business and education leaders about emerging industries, markets and job opportunities. Get the facts straight from the source and be...
  • Powering your success. Sheridan Electric at your service

    Posted by Brandon Whiteford, Sheridan Electric Services
    Posted on April 29, 2019
    Have you been considering an upgrade? Maybe looking into that new line or machine that will kick your operation onto the next level? Sheridan is here to help. With our expert team of electricians, automation technicians, programmers and managers, we are perfectly suited for your every electrical...
  • NIA Office- Part Time Admin Help Required

    Posted by Wendy Smith, Niagara Industrial Association
    Posted on April 25, 2019
    The NIA Office is looking to hire a student for the summer for 4 - 5 hours per week, must have access to a car, vaild driver's licence and insurance and be able to start immediately. Position will be help with Excel spread sheets, searching for data on the internet, phone calls,help with events...

    Posted by John Armstrong, Armstrong Strategy Group
    Posted on April 24, 2019
    There’s a huge chasm between battery power for a flashlight or a computer and battery power for a manufacturing production line. Batteries are not the only way to store electricity. Pumped hydro and compressed air are just two examples of Electric Energy Storage (EES) systems. Along with...
  • Purchasing Agent resume review

    Posted by Cameron Bigford, CNB Consulting
    Posted on April 12, 2019
    Hello members, Someone I would like to go to bat for was suddenly laid off, through no fault of her own but due to lost projects and an insufficient amount of work available. She has developed exceptional purchasing and operational skills in manufacturing environments, dealing with...
  • Health & Safety Representative Training

    Posted by Carola Mittag, Workplace Safety Group
    Posted on April 03, 2019
    The Role of a Health and Safety Representative (HSR) Under the OHSA, workers select the health and safety representative who has specific and legal ongoing duties, including: · Conducting regular workplace safety inspections · Making recommendations to...
  • Westridge Offerings

    Posted by Kyle Campbell, Westridge HR & Safety Specialists
    Posted on April 03, 2019
    We are extremely excited to be members of the NIA and look forward to meeting all of you. Our local boutique Human Resource and Employee Benefit company is here to help you ever step of the way. We have attached our one pager that highlights services we offer. Please do not hesitate to reach out...
  • Goodman Experiential Partnership Opportunity : Spring 2019 - Human Resources

    Posted by David DiPietro, Brock University
    Posted on April 02, 2019
    Good Morning, We are seeking 1-2 community partners for an MBA Human Resource Management project that begins in May. This project would be a good fit for your organization if you are interested in having the following topics addressed: - Job...