Great Lakes shipping on the rise, study finds

Great Lakes marine shipping has a ripple effect that deeply impacts Canadian communities – and the Niagara region is no exception.

Written by Maggie Murphy, Chamber of Marine Commerce | August 8th, 2022



Preliminary research conducted by Fluid Intelligence, a data analysis partnership of HOPA Ports and the McMaster Institute for Transportation and Logistics, is beginning to uncover candidate routes and commodities where short-sea shipping can supplement long-distance and cross-border truck routes. Preliminary results show that half a million tonnes of goods are currently making trips longer than 100 kms every week between key origins and destinations in Southern Ontario and the U.S. Midwest, representing approximately 2.5 million heavy truck trips per year. Short sea shipping could accommodate some of that traffic on a greener, less congested water route and Niagara is well-positioned to benefit from the opportunity.

Read the full article on the Great Lakes Shipping in the Niagara Region from the Chamber of Marine Commerce



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